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Albert refused to let his hearing loss get in the way of a full and active life

I lead a full and busy life and was not prepared to let my hearing loss get in the way of my enjoyment for life. When my doctor referred me to Michelle at Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing, I had decided that it was time to resolve my hearing difficulties.

My hearing seems to have deteriorated gradually over the past 5 years or so. I began having difficulty at home, following my wife and grand-children. I particularly noticed the trouble at social functions and dinner parties, at committee meetings and trying to follow conversations in the car.  I do expect a lot from my hearing. I love listening to good music and I am an avid birdwatcher; I realised that I was missing the high notes. So I did feel that I needed to give myself the best opportunity to hear well again.

I have found that the advice that Michelle gave me, has been spot on. She recommended high performance and durable hearing aids. The Phonak Bolero BR are encased and rechargeable so I can wear them fishing in the midst of ocean spray without worry. We have set them to adapt to my experience level so that I am gradually approaching the recommended prescription for my hearing loss. I am very pleased that I was able to persevere in the early days as I desensitised to the amplified sounds. I was quite tired after the first few days, but as Michelle had indicated, this soon settled.

The outcome has been extremely rewarding.  I have been amazed that I am able to follow conversations in such  a range of situations. I attended the soccer only a week after having the hearing aids fitted. There were 50,000 people, 3000 were with me in the bar pre game. I was able to enjoy a conversation at the bar with a softly spoken mate. At Bridge club there are 40-50 people regularly, also successful. And with the birdwatching I can distinguish high voiced fantails, fire-tail finches and splendid wrens.

I am delighted that I have been able to regain much of my hearing and I am enjoying my varied pleasures. When I’m without my “aids”, the world lacks colour and vibrancy! I would recommend Michelle at Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing. The whole experience has been very positive.