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Celebrate our First birthday with a FREE HEARING AID CHECK

Are you getting the best from your hearing aids?

At Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing we are celebrating our First Birthday. And for you to share in our birthday celebrations we are offering a FREE Hearing Aid check for the months of September and October. A complimentary hearing test is included in this consult.

Whilst hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the last 10 years, people often still complain that they would prefer not to have to wear hearing aids. Why is this?

Well often the problems are managed simply with a small amount of fine tuning or adjusting of the devices or ear moulds. But to do this properly, the clinician needs to listen to you concerns and trouble shoot the real issues. Michelle Soares Mendes is our senior audiologist with over 25 years’ experience in the hearing profession who knows how important this is.

Michelle explains “Hearing devices should be comfortable, easy to insert, easy to clean and most importantly should improve your ability to enjoy conversations with others”. Michelle adds “Noise suppression technology is quite sophisticated these days as well, so together with directional microphones, it is possible for most people to regain real enjoyment in social environments without interference from unwanted noises”.

Make the most of our FREE birthday offer and book in for an appointment now at either of our Margaret River or Dunsborough Clinics.