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Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing is a diagnostic Audiological Hearing Clinic owned and staffed by Dunsborough people. We provide a comprehensive, professional service to rehabilitate your hearing. As you’ll learn, fitting hearing aids is only part of the solution. hearing aid

At Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing you will receive the following quality services:

Diagnostic audiological assessment

Your diagnostic audiological assessment is conducted by tertiary trained and industry registered audiologist and/or audiometrist. We will conduct a comprehensive case history and assessment of your hearing loss and associated difficulties. We will measure the degree and nature of your hearing loss, your capacity to interpret speech, in both quiet and in noisy situations. Where we identify potential medical conditions we will refer to other medical or health practitioners or agencies as required.

Selection of hearing aids and other devices

Hearing aids, prostheses or other accessories may be recommended and prescribed based on your audiological profile. The audiologist or audiometrist will recommend and assist you to select suitable devices to enhance your hearing. The clinical decision made to select your hearing devices will be determined by your hearing test results, the nature of your hearing loss, consideration for specific disease processes of the ear, your ability to identify speech sounds and/or your ability to hear in the presence of background noise. Consideration is also given to health and lifestyle factors, budgetary requirements and any funding or discounts that you may be eligible for.

Fitting appointment

Your hearing aids are custom fitted and programmed to your hearing configuration. We use the latest validation techniques and equipment, coupled with a wealth of clinical expertise.

Unlimited aftercare appointments up to, and including, your 12 month review appointment

Becoming accustomed to your hearing aids takes time and patience. We encourage you to attend your scheduled review appointments which we include at no additional charge. We may need to make adjustments to the fit or programming of your hearing aids. Sometimes we will provide counselling to assist with your process of acclimatisation, particularly if you have not heard well for a long time.

Comprehensive rehabilitation program to accompany the fitting of devices

At Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing we have developed a specific program with modules that we can administer to assist further with your ability to hear in tricky situations. These might be where you have trouble in background noise, on the telephone or with difficult speakers. Hearing devices are only part of the solution. We will offer you the option to participate in one to one sessions where you will armed with additional knowledge and strategies to help with your hearing. You are also invited to attend a group session where you will be encouraged to bring along a partner or family member.

Warranty review appointment

We invite you to attend an appointment prior to the expiry of the warranty on your hearing devices, where we will conduct our 8 point check and send the aids for full service if required.

On the spot in house repairs

Your hearing devices will have a 3 year warranty. We also have a repair service right here onsite in our Geraldton Clinic and can offer on the spot 8 point check and minor servicing of your hearing aids while you wait. On occasion we may need to send your hearing aids to the manufacturer.

Loan Hearing Aids

There are occasions where you may need to send your hearing aid away for a repair or service. If you are not able to manage without a hearing aid we have hearing aids that are available that we can temporarily program to your hearing configuration and attach to your own ear moulds.

Additional services for Advanced and Premium Clients

You may have elected to purchase ‘High End’ technology in your hearing devices. We congratulate you on your decision to do so, and additionally provide you with a ‘Complimentary Gift Pack’. This gift pack will include a range of options or accessories selected by your clinician that are best suited to your particular circumstances.