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HOW TO REFER and get the best for your patient (Medicare and the Hearing Services Program)

Dear Colleague

A Reminder that Pensioners and DVA clients receive FREE hearing tests under the Hearing Service Program.

I’ve had had a few questions from medical centre staff recently about what is the best way to refer a patient for a Hearing Assessment. So I thought that in this month’s newsletter I’d highlight the options. 

Pensioners and DVA clients (and their dependent spouses)

Pensioners and veterans are likely to be eligible for a Fully subsidised audiology assessment under the Office of Hearing Services Voucher Program. They are entitled to a full hearing assessment once every 3 years. In addition, this is the service that funds hearing aids and tinnitus devices as well as rehabilitation counselling if needed.

The form that you would complete is this Medical Certificate

Hearing Services application

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan

Formerly known at the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).

If you refer your patient for audiology services then Medicare rebates apply. We use the Medicare code 10952 so a rebate of $52.95 applies, this leaves a gap of $62.05. Up to 5 appointments can be conducted in 1 year.

Referral Form for Allied Health Services under Medicare

Direct referral to Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing

Otherwise simply refer using our clinic form provided. The cost for this assessment is $115 for adults and $125 for children (3yrs +).  We have an electronic interactive version too.

If referred by an ENT specialist then Medicare codes apply

DMR Hearing Referral form

The audiology assessment may be a first step for some clients. It may lead to the recommendation for further investigation such as ENT, vestibular testing, or other medical management. It may also lead to hearing or tinnitus rehabilitation. All these recommendations can be made once the audiological assessment has been conducted.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for your support with your referrals to date. Dunsborough & Margaret River hearing are a locally owned and independent audiology clinic. I Michelle Soares Mendes have over 25 years’ experience in audiology, am a member of the Independent Audiologists of Australia as well as Audiology Australia. The clinics are staffed by local ladies and we are open every day in Margaret River and every day except Thursday in Dunsborough.