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Employment Hearing Tests

A hearing assessment is an essential part of a pre-employment medical for candidates who may be (or may have previously been) based at noisy locations. These are referred to as Pre Employment Hearing Tests.

A period of 16 hours quiet time (free from noisy work sites, light plane travel, loud stereo use etc) is recommended to provide an accurate result.

Workplace Hearing

WorkCover Testing

The Hearing test may be conducted as part of Workcover legislation should the place employment be deemed to be a prescribed workplace.  Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing conduct not only air conduction testing but also full Audiological Assessments. Once completed, the results of the Employment Hearing Tests are registered as either a Baseline or Subsequent reading with Workcover WA.

Mines Health Surveillance Testing

The Employment Hearing Tests Assessment may be alternatively conducted as part of the Mines Workers Health surveillance. This is undertaken  for all employees of West Australian Mine sites.  It is a regulation of the Department of Mining and Petroleum (DoMP).  It is undertaken together with:

    • Lung function test (Spirometry)
    • Respiratory History
    • Work History

Our staff are fully registered with Workcover WA and The DoMP to conduct these assessments.