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Pensioners & Veterans

Eligible pensioners and Department of Veteran Affairs clients are entitled to free hearing services from the Government funded body, the Office Of Hearing Services.

Dunsborough Margaret River Hearing is an accredited provider for Pensioners and Veterans, as well as being the only locally owned and staffed clinic in our region. Our doors are open for you 5 days a week.

Pensioner and VET Hearing

How To Apply

1. Complete the form Application for a Hearing Services Voucher. Download NOW – OHS Application Form.

2. Get your doctor to sign this form

3. Post it to the Office of Hearing Services

4. Await your confirmation of eligibility. You will receive your package in the post in a few weeks time

5. Make an appointment with Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing

6. Bring the Voucher for Hearing Services along to Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing when you attend your first appointment

What Next

We will conduct a comprehensive Hearing Assessment and determine the most appropriate hearing solution for your hearing needs and lifestyle. We can provide you with the most advanced and high fidelity hearing instruments available under the Government scheme. We will coordinate your hearing rehabilitation program over the ensuing appointments.