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“Songs now have entirely different lyrics to what I had thought” says Peter Howat

I finally decided that it was time to do something about my hearing. I am so delighted that I decided to take that first step. I went along to Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing and had hearing aids fitted. I do believe that this has significantly helped conversations and interacting with people. I hadn’t realised how difficult everyday conversation had become. But now I am no longer assuming what people say or having to second guess them.

Moreover, there was a most unexpected benefit of my having had hearing aids fitted, which my audiologist, Michelle thought was most humorous.  Hearing aids had overcome a problem I didn’t even know I had, MONDEGREEN!

What you may ask is this? Michelle didn’t know either. It is a word or phrase that results from mishearing or something said or sung. I have now discovered a new worlds of songs that have entirely different lyrics to what I have been singing along to in the past!

And the final surprise to me about wearing hearing aids, is that even when I don’t wear them, I feel that my hearing has improved. Michelle explains that my hearing  hasn’t actually changed, but now my brain is being stimulated with a brighter ‘soundscape’, my listening skills are sharpening up.

Who would have thought!

The service that has been provided at Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing has been excellent. I am able to put my hearing aids in my ears and forget about them. Michelle has made adjustments to the sound performance and the fitting of the ear moulds so that everything is simple for me. I find myself in a variety of situations where I don’t want to have to fiddle with hearing aids, whether I am on duty as a traffic warden, listening to music, out fishing or catching up with mates.  It’s so very easy.


Peter Howat