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We are the Margaret River region’s very own Hearing Clinic, open Monday to Friday.

Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing are locally owned and operated with our two clinics servicing our communities of  Dunsborough and Margaret River, Western Australia. We offer a regular and local audiology service where you can obtain support and information every day at your doorstep.

Dunsborough & Margaret River Hearing  Director and accredited Audiologist, Michelle Soares Mendes, together with executive support staff Jackie Felton and Ruth Harrison, provide life-changing hearing services across the Margaret River region. Together we have over 25 years experience in the hearing industry. Our dedication to your hearing health is second to none. 

When visiting our clinics you will be treated to state of the art audiological equipment and technology to evaluate your hearing including high quality sound booths. We provide only the latest digital hearing aids available and are not bound by any supplier agreements. We are free to offer you the most appropriate advice and hearing devices without any bias.

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Hearing-Aid-Fitting-and-RehabilitationModern Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is customised in several phases Recognition of hearing loss If you experience hearing loss, one of the first steps is the decision to try a modern hearing aid.

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Employment Hearing Test

A hearing assessment is an essential part of a pre-employment medical for candidates who may be (or may have previously been) based at noisy locations.

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Children’s Hearing

How we test children assessing children’s hearing can be complicated and requires specialty training. Several methods can be used to test a child’s hearing depending on their age or development.

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Pensioners and DVA

Hearing Solutions for pensioners & veterans eligible pensioners and department of veteran affairs clients are entitled to free hearing services from the government funded body, the Office Of Hearing Services.

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