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“Once a Widex, always a Widex”.  This is a statement we hear often from hearing aid wearers and there is a reason why hearing impaired people who wear Widex hearing aids remain committed to the brand –“Its all about the sound.”

The Widex goal has always been to develop and manufacture hearing aids that maintain the highest sound quality and provide access to all the sounds in the real world.  The result is the renown Widex sound, which has a luxurious mellow quality and accurately replicates the full soundscape.  All hearing aids are designed to provide access to conversational speech and all manufacturers strive to improve hearing in background noise.  Widex has a bigger vision – to provide audibility for all sounds, including the very soft nuances of speech, speech at a distance and undistorted loud exciting sounds.  Our goal is audibility and intelligibility – in other words, I can hear and I can understand, because without hearing there can be no understanding.

This cornerstone was introduced when Widex launched the first digital hearing aid in 1995 and with each new generation it has refined and improved the core technologies that make Widex different. Ask our staff about EDRC for hearing soft sounds, TruInput Technology for access to undistorted loud sounds, InterEar co-ordination for natural binaural hearing and Variable Speech Compression for maintaining sound quality and speech access over time.