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How we test Children

Assessing childrens hearing can be complicated and requires specialty training.

Several methods can be used to test a child’s hearing depending on their age or development. Behavioural tests can be used to carefully observe a child’s response to sounds.  Play audiometry is often used where the child is asked to perform a play task, such as placing a peg in a pegboard, each time a sound is heard.  We frequently test children’s hearing and will identify the most appropriate approach for your child.

Common hearing difficulties with hearing in children involve blockages of the middle ear,  including Otitis media with effusion (Glue Ear) and Acute Otitis Media (Ear Infection). Our clinic utilises specialty equipment including video otoscopy and tympanometry to identify these conditions.

Results and referrals

We will discuss your kids hearing results and any recommendations with you at the completion of your appointment and provide a written report. Should further management or intervention be required,  we will forward our results on to your GP.  We will also ascertain whether referral to other agencies such as speech pathology is required  and provide referrals.

Our Expert Services

Michelle, our senior Audiologist at Dunsborough and Margaret River Hearing is a paediatric Audiology Specialist. She has extensive experience with children having worked at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, King Edwards Memorial Hospital with babies and she currently also provides her expertise at the Geraldton Regional Hospital for children.